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Monday, May 1, 2017


“What is the most fascinating aspect of the relationship between Swami and His mother that you had the chance to personally witness?”

We asked Mrs. Ratanlal who is now 93; she was drawn to the divine fold in 1960s and since then was blessed to serve the Lord at close quarters, especially looking after His kitchen, all through her life.

The Jolly Relationship

“I saw The Mother for the first time in 1965,” she started. Her speech was slow but very measured, and her every word clear. 

“As I come from North India,” she continued, “Then I did not understand even a word of Telugu and The Mother did not speak Hindi, so I could not interact much with her initially. Nevertheless I would always pay my respects to her with folded hands but she never allowed me, or anybody for that matter, to go near her and touch her feet. She in fact repelled at such adoration. 

“With time as Swami gave me the privilege to take food for Him, I had the chance to go upstairs and into His dining room, and it is there that I saw the lovely interaction between The Mother and her Divine Son.”

Mrs. Ratanlal now paused, and a bright smile blossomed; maybe she was reminded of a beautiful scene.

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