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Monday, April 24, 2017


This is the story of a brave heart, Mr. Mihira Kumar Mishra, from a remote village of Orissa, who found hope and light in Baba’s Hospital in the darkest hour of his life, and having received this divine gift has now transformed his life into a saga of selfless service.

Born in Backward Bhagawanpur

Sai Seva Orissa
Mr. Mihira Kumar Mishra

As an infant, when he wailed, his mother never picked him up and held him close to her bosom. 

When he cried out of hunger as a baby, she did not take him onto her lap and feed him. 

Or when he fell while trying to walk as a toddler, she never rushed to lift him up and stop his tears with her caresses. 

“I do not know what mother’s love is,” says Mihira Kumar Mishra.

It was such a tragic twist of destiny for this village boy that the one who gave him birth never acknowledged or realized his existence, let alone loved or cared for him. 

Right from the time he was born, his mother was mentally challenged – she lived in her own space and time, in her own way. And his father, though a concerned parent, was a man of little means; he taught small children in a nearby school.

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