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Sunday, April 23, 2017


“To me, the power of Mother Easwaramma is not a concept, or an idea or a belief, it is an experience. In fact an experience as intense, powerful and real as it can be,” says Aravind Sai, an alumnus of Baba's university who has had the opportunity of singing the glory of the Mother of the Divine in the immediate physical presence of The Son at least six times.

Aravind Sai, along with Prabhakar and Raghuram, form the Burrakatha trio who have had the chance to perform any number of times in Bhagawan's presence, especially in the last five years of Swami's earthly sojourn.

Burrakatha, as many would know, is a traditional folkart of Andhra Pradesh wherein a story, largely taken from ancient epics and scriptures, is narrated in an interesting and engaging manner with a rich mixture of soulful songs, scintillating dialogues, and delightful humour. 

Before March 2007, the trio had performed in the Sai Kulwant Hall a couple of times. On each of these occasions Bhagawan's joy was obvious and copious. However it attained a new high on March 18, 2007. And the way it happened is where there are deep lessons for all humanity.

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