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Sunday, April 23, 2017


When God Becomes the Guru

The Presence

How many times have we experienced this? 

The serene silence in the hall is suddenly filled with soothing music and sonorous chants of vedic hymns, all eyes are glued towards one direction, uninterruptedly, in full concentration.

There is an amazing one-pointedness in everybody’s mind and vision, not even a fraction of a second can be missed, every millisecond is precious, every moment is a blessing and as every moment passes by every pore of our being seems full, every cell of our body is as calm and composed as a great ascetic lost in meditation. 

We are filled with a rare feeling of fulfillment, something which can never be acquired in the external world, we have become so detached to the world which we have been clinging to like a leech clinging to its prey just a few minutes ago, we are filled with so much dispassion, all the wealth of the world cannot lure us to take that moment away from us.

There is so much quietness within us, there is so much peace; a kind of peace which makes us feel we are no more governed by our senses, we are mighty yet so calm…and we want that moment to become eternity, we want to just immerse ourselves in that experience, in that environment, in those sublime vibrations, we want to be lost forever in those moments, in that bliss…..we experience so much!

But Swami has not even spoken a word to us, He has not looked into our eyes, He has not come near us and taken our letter or listened to our problem, He has only just come out of His abode and moved amongst us. 

No, not even that - He has just alighted from the car and is sitting yards away from us silently and as serenely as ever on His sofa.

There is absolutely no communication, but yet so much is conveyed, so much is received and so much is given; there is so much achieved with so little effort; there is so much learnt without a word spoken and there is so much progress in so few moments.

Have we not felt like this innumerable times when we have had the priceless opportunity of seeing the Lord in front of us? How gratified we feel?

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