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Sunday, April 23, 2017

THE LEGEND OF SAI GEETHA… Unsurpassable and Eternal

“From the beginning there was an intimate relationship between Me and Sai Geetha. And this was a purely inner relationship.”
As Swami said these poignant words in a private session to the students and staff of His University on June 7, 2007, the silence that dawned in the Institute auditorium was too deep and dense, absolutely impenetrable. 

“When I mention about Sai Geetha, do not think I am emotional,” said Swami, His voice unsteady, overpowered with intense feelings. 

Looking at the Lord’s eyes oozing with overwhelming emotions, everybody’s heart plunged; it was as if the fragile organ had become too heavy to beat and given away, creating a crater deep within that was subsuming every cell of their being into it.

As everyone expectantly awaited with bated breath the next diamond of divine revelation, Swami, in a very soft but steady tone, continued, “When I mention about Sai Geetha, I am not deeply grief-stricken. In fact, I have no sorrows. I am never worried. I am not remorseful at all. It is only Vatsalyam – Supreme Maternal Love.” 

It is the kind of spontaneous undiluted love that a mother has for her new one, who is so pure, so innocent, completely dependent only on her mother, seeking nothing but her lap and on whose face you can verily see the pristine image of God. 

As a child grows and becomes strong, and intelligent, the god-like purity slowly diminishes and diluted with reasoning love looses spontaneity, but with Sai Geetha it was exactly the opposite.

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