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Sunday, April 23, 2017

SAI'S KASTURI... A Phantasmagoric Fragrance Forever

I firmly believe there is none kinder than You,
to shower Grace on me. 

Tell me, is this not the reason why
I am at Your Lotus feet?

I firmly believe You will respond quick
When I do pray and plead. 

Tell me, is this not the reason why
I am crying aloud for You?

I firmly believe You are ever beside me
To guide my steps aright. 

Tell me, is this not the reason why
I am Yours thro’ day and night?

I firmly believe You can never say ‘No’
Whatever I ask from You. 

Tell me, is this not the reason why
I long for a glance from You?

What have You designed for me this time?
Why this dire delay to offer boons? 

However long You make me wait and wail
I will not leave. I will be standing still
Until Your loving eyes do turn to me.

Such a soul-stirring prayer, isn’t it? It makes you feel someone has so perfectly penned every pang of your heart, expressing every intimate emotion of your inner self. What if we say this was actually written by your Indweller! 

Imagine Swami preparing a greeting card especially for you to wish you Happy New Year and then penning this pearl of a prayer inside the card with the endearing words, “My dear one! Begin the New Year with the above Prayer.” 

And not only this, He inundates you with more love and blessings with the magic message: 

“Endowed with long life and sound health, surrounded by children, grandchildren and friends, keep on imbibing joy through devotion and wisdom. 

I bless that your days be spent in the service of Sarveshwara, the Lord of All. Spend your life in abundant peace and happiness. - Baba.”

Your heart would have skipped a few beats leaping with inexplicable ecstasy, isn’t it? Sounds too good to be true! 

But let me tell you, this is no imagination. This is exactly what Swami did for Professor Kasturi, His darling devotee, way back in 1960. And this is only half of the story. 

The way Swami passed on this specially crafted card to Professor Kasturi was even more exciting.

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