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Sunday, April 23, 2017


A Glimpse of Swami - A Day like No Other 

This happened more than a decade and half ago. It was one serene morning in the hallowed hamlet of Puttaparthi. 

As the Sun cleared the dispiriting clutter of the night with its pleasantly penetrating rays of soothing morning light, Bhagavan, with His divine darshan, had filled the devotees’ hearts with the warmth of His love. 

The bhajans ended as usual, at nine-thirty, and Swami retired to His room. The Ashram, again, was enveloped in powerful silence. 

As the devotees dispersed carrying the serenity of the blissful morning in the chalices of their hearts, their minds and senses were submerged with only one thought: ‘when can I have the Lord’s darshan again?’ 

To hear the darshan music once more waft through the silent settings of Prasanthi Mandir and still their bliss-seeking souls, they knew they will have to wait at least five hours. 

This would be true, had it been any other day. But on this day they were in for a pleasant surprise. It was eleven thirty in the morning and quite unexpectedly they heard the siren of the police pilot that precedes Swamis’ convoy! 

Suddenly there was excitement everywhere; it was as if the ashram was in one instant catapulted into fifth gear. 

Swami was on one of His ‘unscheduled’ drives around the Mandir, when at times He would go as far as the Super Specialty Hospital, located about five kilometers away. 

But where exactly was He going that day? “Will He visit the Hostel?”, “or the Hospital?”, or “the School?” or “is it just a drive?” The guessing game was on in everyone’s mind. 

Either side of the road was bursting with devotees somehow trying to carve a little space for their necks so that they would not miss this bonus blessing of the day. 

All the children of the Easwaramma High School and students from the Hostel lined up on either side of the road. 

As His car reached near the hostel, it slowed down, and His hands were raised in blessing for all the beaming faces that thrust themselves to have a precious glimpse.

Sai Geetha Pleads with Her Master

At that time, Sai Geetha, Swami’s pet-elephant, had a huge vaulted roofed enclosure right in front of the Senior Boys’ Hostel. 

Apparently, hearing the sound of the siren, she rushed towards the gate and had it not been for her caretaker, she would have crushed it. 

She was out on the road even before the boys lined up. She seemed unduly excited that day, making it difficult for her mahout to hold her in check. Swami’s car approached and Sai Geetha moved forward.

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