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Sunday, April 23, 2017


The enlightening life of Divine Mother Easwaramma

"I resolved on My birth. I decided who should be My mother!"

This is what Bhagawan declared in a discourse, describing His Advent on earth. 

What a blessing and privilege it is to be the Chosen Mother of the Lord! 

Yet it came with a monumental measure of responsibility. 

Indeed, Mother Easwaramma’s life was replete with challenges and lessons. 

Her biggest and enduring difficulty was that of acceptance – of the celestial nature of her 'little boy' who came into her life with a big master plan. 

Often, she was torn between her maternal instinct to protect and nurture her darling Sathya and the inevitable need to let go when Bhagawan declared His mission.

Mother Easwaramma was born Namagiriamma. Modest, humble and pure, she was ordained for the rarest of honours – to be in the league of the likes of Kaushalya, Devaki, Yashodha, and Mother Mary. 

When she married Pedda Venkama Raju at the young age of fourteen, her father-in-law Sri Kondama Raju asked that she change her name to Easwaramma.

Eventually, she accepted His divinity and became His devotee for life, receiving His benedictions; yet, in her role as the Mother, she spurred His compassion for mankind into tangible acts of philanthropy. 

In retrospect, few women have influenced the destiny of this planet as silently and as significantly as this great Mother did. 

In the divine discourse on the occasion of His 81st Birthday, Bhagawan fondly recalled:

Easwaramma was not the name given to the mother of this body at the time of her birth. She was named so by Kondama Raju, the grandfather of this body. 

He was a noble soul who had realised My Divinity even when I was a child. Realising that she was to be the mother of Easwara (the Lord), he changed her name to Easwaramma. 

She was not an ordinary woman; Easwaramma was a great soul who was adored and admired by one and all. Wherever she went, people greeted her with great love.

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