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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easwaramma - The Crown of Motherhood

"Easwaramma was the chosen one. I chose her to be My mother. That is the intimate relationship between Mother Easwaramma and Myself."

That was the emphatic declaration of Bhagawan on the most auspicious Easwaramma Day, May 6, 2001. 

In no uncertain terms Swami communicated how lofty, grand and glorious is the stature of Mother Easwaramma. 

The thronging crowd in Sai Ramesh Hall exploded into loud applause that evening as they heard these Divine words from Bhagawan.

Easwaramma - Mother Divine

Mother Easwaramma, truly, was a divine effulgence which graced mother Earth with a sacred mission and purpose by the inscrutable will of the Divine just like Kaushalya (Mother of Sri Rama), Devaki (Mother of Sri Krishna) or Mary (Christ’s Mother). 

She underwent similar agonies and ecstasies, fears and dilemmas, trials and triumphs, and ultimately bliss and beatitude that the Divine Mothers of yore passed through.

Like Krishna, Swami was the eighth child of Mother Easwaramma and the turbulent times she went through before He took birth were akin to what Devaki experienced before Krishna graced her lap. 

None of Mother Devaki’s previous seven children could escape from the heinous designs of the demon Kamsa. Easwaramma too suffered at the hands of cruel fate. She had four miscarriages in a row before the Light of the World descended as her Son.

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