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Monday, April 24, 2017


...How the Sai Volunteers in Bihar braved perilous odds to reach out to the devastated and isolated

This is a story of two currents. One that destroyed and the other that saved. 

Both were mammoth and moving. 

How the most unexpected and unprecedented-in-half-a-century massive flood devastated millions of lives, destroyed crores worth of property and devastated hundreds of acres of cultivable land in one of the most populous and least developed states of India - Bihar, in the second fortnight of August 2008 is a shocking story, to say the least.

But what is equally astounding is how an Organisation consisting of a band of absolutely selfless workers plunged into this catastrophe without losing a second, to provide hope, succor and comfort to thousands who had resigned to their cruel fate and hopeless ends. 

They did not eat or sleep for days, and braved damage and death to ensure that their brethren are safe. 

This is a story of human empathy that flowed as swiftly as the speeding waters, giving true meaning to the most pious emotion of this universe - ‘love’.

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