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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Refixing Cricket to Its True Character

The events unfolding in Cricket India in the wake of the spot-fixing controversy and other related issues in the last few weeks has put every cricket-lover in this country in a fix.

Next time you sit down to watch a cricket match, another game begins in your mind – are these men on the field playing or acting? Are they really putting their heart and soul into the match in the true spirit of sportsmanship or is there something else working in the back of their minds manipulating their moves?

And then you begin to wonder, cricket was not like this when my father or uncle introduced me to this game and we talked endlessly about crease and stance, shots and catches.

So what has changed in this game in the recent times? Has it all got something to do with the way this game has transformed in the past few years?

Back to Pakistan with Love

This is the story of two young hearts from Pakistan who traveled all the way and came to Baba's Hospital in Bangalore seeking health, solace and more important much-needed love. 

“My name is Shayada and I come from Sukkur, Pakistan,” said the middle-aged woman dressed in a light yellow salwar kameez.Clinging to her was the little one, about 6-7 years old in the loose-fitting blue dress that all cardiac inpatients in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS-WF) wear.

“He is Sail, born seven years ago,” she said, her arm tightly around her son. “I have seven children; he is the last one. All other children except him are healthy. Since the time he was born, he has always been unwell with fever and cough. For this reason, I could not even place him in a school. In fact I never encouraged him to even go out of the house because of his frail condition; my eyes were always on him,” the mother confided.

Sai Sadguru - The Preceptor Unparalleled, Part-1

The Unceasing Sun

As we celebrate Guru Poornima in Prasanthi Nilayam - the celebrations starting right from July 14 2013 and extending upto August 1 - it is truly a huge occasion. Understandably this divine hamlet has been teeming with thousands of devotees in the last few days.

Reflecting on the significance of this festival and more important, Baba as the Sadguru, I penned down a piece for Radio Sai website.

This is how it begins:

“Swami, You have looked after me like an extremely doting mother, corrected me like a disciplinarian father, loved me like a most dear friend and also guided me onto the right path like a guru... but of all these, what is the best way to relate to you, Swami? What is it that I should cultivate and foster?”

This student was completing his education in Baba's college that year and the thought of leaving Baba's presence was always bothering him. He was constantly asking himself, “How can I connect with Swami permanently? How can I strengthen this bond with Him?” and he wanted an answer...