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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Sad, the Same, the Complexly Simple and the Simply Complex

It is absolutely amazing how different people feel Baba and experience Him especially in these changed circumstances (post April 2011 when Bhagawan Baba left His mortal coil). While for some, everything has changed. For some others, nothing has altered. And there is also a group for whom everything has just got better!

Talk to residents of Puttaparthi especially those who have been living there for decades and who had always imagined to spend their last moments basking in the love and grace exuding from His beautiful physical form, for them life has become as dry as the current Chitravathi river bed where once the gurgling waters were witness to scintillating leelas of the Lord. 

This is the first category - The Sad - for whom everything has changed; the zing and josh has gone out of their lives, it is no more worth living.

The other day I was talking to a few German devotees who were in Prasanthi Nilayam as part of their Pilgrimage to Parthi, and the leader of the group said:

"This year 200 of us have come, next year it is going to be 400! It is so beautiful to be here. I feel Baba so much here. The spiritual ambience and the routine of the ashram is so spiritually rejuvenating. 

"That place is not Baba's Samadhi, it is not a tomb - it is the symbol of Constant Integrated Awareness, it is the precious treasure house of supreme and sublime peace! It just exudes love and peace." 

Another day a Polish devotee said that He actually felt Baba's touch as He placed his head on the Samadhi and even saw a wall of orange light and His foot prints in the Sai Kulwant Hall. His entire thrilling account is here. Do not miss it. 

So this is the second category - The Same - for whom nothing seems to have altered much. Their reason and inspiration to come to Prasanthi Nilayam is still the same, and they will continue what they have been doing till now with the same zeal and love.

There is another German I met a few days ago who said, "You know what, you may find this weird but this is how I feel. Actually, it is much better now. 

"Earlier I used to stay for 10-15 days in Prasanthi Nilayam but was never sure if I will get a single padanamaskar. But now every single day I get to touch Him. The experience of touching the Samadhi is exactly the same as placing my head at His lotus feet. Also, now there is no crowd. I can easily go to Bhajan Hall and meditate there. This was so difficult earlier. So it is all fine." 

This is the third category - The Complexly Simple - for whom things have even got better! They feel Puttaparthi is less crowded now; it is more silent, and so good for spiritual sadhana. And Baba's Samadhi darshan is so easily available; one can be blessed with the opportunity of touching Him every single day!

And there is yet another group - The Simply Complex - who passionately believe, no, they say they know it. "Swami is coming back... " they declare and insist, "Yes, in this same form of Sathya Sai! Just hold on and watch... you have no clue who Swami really is! And the incredible thing that He is up to! 

"You may not get a chance to step into Prasanthi then, protect your place from now! You do not believe me... does not matter. But this is definitely going to happen - 200%!"

How Swami is keeping each one's inspiration at their best is so incredible. It almost seems our dear lord has become more mystifying and mind-boggling than before! But at the same time He is so accessible or otherwise to each one, it all depends on how we relate to Him, feel Him and experience Him!

So, which category do you fall in?


  1. This is a beautiful post have well analysed the emotions that some of us who are not in the immediate realm of Parthi feel. Look forward to more posts...

  2. I am sometimes 1 and sometimes 2. I hope to be 3 and wish 4 to be the winners if this was a competition.

  3. The Simply Simple...still waiting for the inner awakening :)