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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just a couple of days ago I had the chance to interview a young, spirited and dynamic devotee. In the course of the conversation he shared how when he was doing his post graduation in Chennai he developed this intense desire to visit the Nara Narayana Gufa ashram in the Himalayas [For those not familiar, Baba had blessed a group of 12 (if I am not wrong) saints to go to Himalayas and meditate in this cave for world peace. He had also given them an Akshya Patra that will produce food according to their needs everyday].
This young man therefore went to the hill on which is located the shrine of Lord Badrinath and then continued to walk beyond this holy peak to the snow capped mountain where these saints were supposed to be in constant meditation for most of the time during the day. 

He was all alone. He had no clue where those saints were. All he knew was he definitely wanted to meet those exceptional human beings.

However as he climbed higher, breathing became difficult. His face was now swollen. His fingers started becoming numb. Worse, blood started dripping from his nose. 

His body could no longer take the harsh, chill and oxygen-starved environment. His vision was now blurred... and then it went blank! He just collapsed on that icy slope.

The next moment, a saint appeared on the scene. He carefully lifted and carried him on his arms. He then took him to his cave. And started nursing him; he massaged his limbs with oil.

After a while, the young man slowly regained consciousness. 

The good samaritan saint then offered him two big tumblers of hot milk. And finally when the young man opened his eyes he saw that in a corner of that small cave was a tiny lamp burning steadily and next to it was a small photo of Swami. 

"Where do you come from?" the saint asked. 

"I am from Puttaparthi..." he answered.

"Oh... from Puttaparthi!" The saint laughed aloud. "So, why are you here?" He was amused and curious.

"I want to go to Nara Narayana Gufa ashram?" the young man replied.

"Oh... even I have not gone there! It is very difficult!"

The saint hailed from Punjab and had been living in that cave for 80 years! He then continued,

"Take my advise. Go back. It is nearly impossible to go there..." 

The young man was not fully convinced and as the conversation continued, the saint suddenly asked, "Who do you think is Sai Baba?"

The young man replied confidently: "He is Kaliyuga Avatar! He is God! I believe in Him!"

"Who says that? He is not Kaliyuga Avatar!" The saint shot back with equal zeal.

The young man was taken aback. He insisted: "For me, He is God!"

"He is not Kaliyuga Avatar," the saint too reiterated and then continued in a tone resonating deep-rooted conviction, "He is beyond that!... Arrey, if He wants He can create any number of Kaliyug Avatars! He can create a Rama, a Krishna... whatever He wants! Whenever He wants! just go back to Puttaparthi!"

Speechless and completely numbed, the young man just stared at him, as the lamp in the corner continued to emit light, as steady as ever.

Finally, the saint escorted the young man down the hill reminding him again of his good luck of going back to Puttaparthi, and finally wished him a happy journey. 

I met this young man just two days ago. His name is Ananth Pande. Does it ring a bell?
Well, this is only tip of the ice-berg. There is lot more to this fantastic guy and his Tryst with Divinity. It is on in two parts - Part-1 and Part-2. Don't miss this! :)


  1. Sai Ram. To most of Sai devotees, Sai is Para Brahma, Paramatma and is beyond Time and thus He is not confined to a Yuga or a body.

    1. if he was beyond the kalyug avtaar why did he leave you (ppl) in lurch where Delhi gang rape, Hyderabad blasts, corruption is on ever increasing rate. He should have alleviated the human condition a bit , at least for india.
      please have a look at least,search for yogiraj shri shaktiputra ji maharaj.....
      who is kalyug avtaar

  2. Sai Ram, wonderful Sai, many thanks for share this.

  3. Haha Shiv your argument is like saying if Krishna was God, why did he leave everyone in a lurch and saw His entire clash being wiped out.
    The Avatar comes to warn. Those who heed are saved. Those who don't.....time will tell.

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